Fawkner Food Bowls is a community group working on building a family-friendly gathering place and food growing hub in Fawkner.

We are working with The Neighbourhood Project, the Fawkner Bowling Club and Moreland Council to make this happen.

Who we are

Fawkner Food Bowls started with two local residents who wanted to grow food on a larger scale than their front yards AND find a family friendly place to relax, enjoy and meet other locals.

Kelly and Sally’s idea was supported first by the Fawkner Bowling Club and also by The Neighbourhood Project, an urban placemaking initiative of CoDesign Studio. This initiative helped them link with key Moreland Council staff for advice and support to build the project.

Fawkner Food Bowls is now incorporated and has a dedicated committee of eight locals and a growing team of fabulous supporters. We all volunteer our time and have enjoyed getting to know neighbours whilst turning a weedy abandoned patch into a workable space.

What are we doing

We’re transforming a disused bowling green into an urban farm.

Fawkner Food Bowls is a resident-led community garden and gathering space. Unlike traditional community gardens with individual plots, FFB will provide shared raised beds, a food forest, and market garden rows. We want to grow more intensively and also provide a hub for those growing produce at home to share their skills and learn from others.

We’re developing a space that is open to and welcoming of the whole community. We want everyone to feel that they are able to participate in garden activities, contribute to the the building and running of the garden, use the space to relax and meet others, and gain the benefits of a local source of fresh food.

We have arranged working bees, family events, garden workshops, the Fawkner tomato farmer project and shared meals.

How will it work


We are open to anyone who wants to visit the space but we would also like to offer a more substantial link to the garden through memberships. We will launch our membership system in Spring 2018. This will contribute to the income and ongoing running of the garden, and also give the members special privileges.

To ensure that we do not exclude anyone based on income, we are proposing a tiered system of membership based on what members are willing to, and capable of paying.

Credit System

We will run a Credit System where members gain credits reflecting what they contribute to the garden. Contributing to the garden in any way will earn you credits that can be exchanged for produce. Contribution to the garden can be in the form of gardening, materials, or a broad range of skills.

Produce Privilege

We may end up with a glut of a particular fruit or vegetable in the garden. If this happens and all members who have accrued Credits have taken what they wanted, those with Produce Privilege will have access to the produce. Produce privilege is available for higher levels of membership and local ‘fair food distribution’ initiatives.

What is next

The Market Garden

We’ll be laying irrigation and rows for our market garden at the south end of the green, ready to plant for a Spring harvest.

Future Funding

Why do we need Future Funding?

To continue to develop the garden, build infrastructure, pay for supplies, group administration

To ensure the garden is able to continue into the future, we need a continuous source of income which could come from:
Grants, donation, memberships, sponsorship, workshops, tours and programs, produce and seedling sales, and events.

Get involved

We want to meet you.
Come and have a chat on weekends whenever the Creedon St gates are open. Or contact us by email or Facebook.

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