Compost – The Best Kind of Fertiliser Factory

By Kelly Gillespie Head Gardener, Fawkner Food Bowls Imagine if instead of sending your plastic packaging off to landfill or for recycling, you could tip it into a tub in the backyard, leave it for a month or two and have fuel come out. How amazing would that be? We’re not quite there yet with... Continue Reading →

Roving Refills are visiting April 14

We have some very exciting news! On Sunday, April 14 the amazing Roving Refills are visiting the garden, bringing their great range of bulk cleaning products for us to purchase. From Pet Shampoo to Bicarb, come on down (don't forget to bring your own containers!) from 10:30am to stock up! Check out their options below... Continue Reading →

Ottolenghi’s Fig & Almond Cake

Ottolenghi's recipe adapted by a member of Fawkner Food Bowls. Lovely dessert or for afternoon tea. Fantastic for the autumn when you might find yourself with a glut of figs.   PREP TIME - 10 mins COOK TIME - 45 mins TOTAL TIME - 55 mins Serves: 6 INGREDIENTS • 130g butter at room temperature... Continue Reading →

Fawkner Food Swap

Last Wednesday the garden was hit quite hard by the hail storm so we've decided not to harvest produce this coming Sunday, 10th of Feb. We also won't hold an instructional session as we'll be hosting the Fawkner Food Swap for the first time! We'll be back to harvesting and information sessions next week but... Continue Reading →

Member BBQ meet and greet

Come down and share a meal with the other members at the Fawkner Food Bowls on the evening of Wednesday February 20th from 6pm. We will be providing a BBQ meal for you all. This is our first member event and we look forward to meeting you all. Facebook event:      

Monthly: Fawkner Food Swap

**We are the new home of the Fawkner Food Swap which has been run with so much dedication by Sustainable Fawkner in CB Smith Reserve.** Dates for 2019: Sunday 10 February Sunday 10 March Sunday 15 April Sunday 12 May Sunday 9 June Sunday 17 July Sunday 11 August Sunday 8 September Sunday 10 November... Continue Reading →

Farm fresh produce in Fawkner

Summer's been productive so we're opening Wednesday evenings until 27 Feb to give you two chances each week to benefit from the local harvest. Pick up veggies organically grown in Fawkner: -zucchinis -kale galore! -herbs -radish -beets -tomatoes are not far off. Bunches at gold coin donation for the general public. There'll also be free... Continue Reading →

Sunday Session Schedule

We’re trying to run things a little more smoothly at FFB and we’re starting with our Sunday gardening sessions.   Every Sunday there will be a 15-20min educational session focusing on a particular farming task that will need to be done on an ongoing basis at the garden. They will be walking sessions and the... Continue Reading →

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