Working Bee This Sunday 8th of July

What's in the newsletter? - We've received piles of materials to get our composting systems going - Jobs that we'll be focusing on this Sunday It's been quiet around the garden lately but now it's all happening. During the week we took delivery of more mulch to top up the activity space and start some... Continue Reading →

Too Wet Today

We've decided that although persistence can be a wonderful thing, persisting in the face of torrential rain will likely be fruitless or even counterproductive so we're going to leave the garden to the rain today and stay inside doing other things.

We won’t be at the garden tomorrow

Sunday the 10th of June we won't be able to open the gates unfortunately. We hope to be an environmentally sustainable garden but we also need to be socially sustainable which means using my skills to pay the bills. See you there next week on the 17th of June from the slightly later time of... Continue Reading →

So Many Thank Yous

On Sunday we celebrated at Fawkner Food Bowls. We celebrated all of the things we've achieved and we shared some of our plans and hopes for the space in the future, none of which would be possible without the hard work of a whole heap of people who we'd like to acknowledge and thank. Starting... Continue Reading →

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