VOTE NOW to build a Fawkner Food Hub

Imagine a super fresh veggie market at your doorstep where little ones are free to play and interact with nature… we can make that happen with your help! Fawkner Food Bowls is in the run for some big government funding and we need you to vote online to help us secure it. VOTE LINK: The Hothouse... Continue Reading →

Can you feed the hungry worms?

GARDEN IS OPEN 10AM TO 1PM Thanks to everyone who made it to the garden last Sunday. We’ll be back this weekend and we really need your kitchen scraps to help feed our worm farms. We'd appreciate if you could pop by the garden with some scraps. The worms eat: - Fruit and vegetable scraps... Continue Reading →

Seedlings and Compost This Sunday

GARDEN OPEN THIS SUNDAY 22ND 10AM We’ll be planting seedlings and composting, as well as General maintenance such as weeding and watering. Would you believe that we have 4 composting systems set up?! I know. Comprehensive. So now we need materials to go into them. We need everyone to bring as many inputs as possible... Continue Reading →

We Want Your Input

What's in the newsletter? - Committee meeting dates - FFB is looking for a new Treasurer - FFB Values Statement: what sort of place do you want it to be? We want as many of you to be involved in FFB as possible so for those of you interested in contributing in a less outdoors... Continue Reading →

Working Bee This Sunday 8th of July

What's in the newsletter? - We've received piles of materials to get our composting systems going - Jobs that we'll be focusing on this Sunday It's been quiet around the garden lately but now it's all happening. During the week we took delivery of more mulch to top up the activity space and start some... Continue Reading →

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