Grant awarded to create market garden

SUNDAY 12 AUG - 10AM TO 1PM This week we will be asking you what you'd like to to grow from a list of summer crops. Very exciting opportunity to experience the process from crop selection to plate. We'll also be having more of a general maintenance day so there will be various tasks from... Continue Reading →

Time to pick kale, lettuce and spinach

SUNDAY 5 AUGUST - GARDEN IS OPEN 10AM TO 1PM The winter sun was out and it was all hands on deck last Sunday. Some new faces around the place as people stopped at the gate to say gday. And so we celebrated National Tree Day by adding another row to the garden -  and... Continue Reading →

Can you feed the hungry worms?

GARDEN IS OPEN 10AM TO 1PM Thanks to everyone who made it to the garden last Sunday. We’ll be back this weekend and we really need your kitchen scraps to help feed our worm farms. We'd appreciate if you could pop by the garden with some scraps. The worms eat: - Fruit and vegetable scraps... Continue Reading →

A little update from us

You will have seen our amazing planting and movie events coming up on the 18th ... check out the links here Movie night and the planting of the new children's garden . We have also been working hard behinds the hedges and have some exciting news to share. We are planning some food related workshops, starting... Continue Reading →

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