Member BBQ meet and greet

Come down and share a meal with the other members at the Fawkner Food Bowls on the evening of Wednesday February 20th from 6pm. We will be providing a BBQ meal for you all. This is our first member event and we look forward to meeting you all. Facebook event:¬†      

Monthly: Fawkner Food Swap

**We are the new home of the Fawkner Food Swap which has been run with so much dedication by Sustainable Fawkner in CB Smith Reserve.** Dates for 2019: Sunday 10 February Sunday 10 March Sunday 15 April Sunday 12 May Sunday 9 June Sunday 17 July Sunday 11 August Sunday 8 September Sunday 10 November... Continue Reading →

Farm fresh produce in Fawkner

Summer's been productive so we're opening Wednesday evenings until 27 Feb to give you two chances each week to benefit from the local harvest. Pick up veggies organically grown in Fawkner: -zucchinis -kale galore! -herbs -radish -beets -tomatoes are not far off. Bunches at gold coin donation for the general public. There'll also be free... Continue Reading →

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