Can you feed the hungry worms?


Thanks to everyone who made it to the garden last Sunday. We’ll be back this weekend and we really need your kitchen scraps to help feed our worm farms.

We’d appreciate if you could pop by the garden with some scraps. The worms eat:

– Fruit and vegetable scraps (not too many garlic, onion, or citrus)
– Paper and cardboard
– Coffee grounds and tea bags
– No meat, dairy, pastry, bread or past

We’ll also take onion, garlic or citrus; pasta, bread and pastry (shredded), grass clippings and dried leaves for our other compost systems.


This Sunday we will be starting on our next vegetable row – come lend us a hand if you have time. Who needs the gym, eh? We planted the row below last weekend with leafy vegetables to make the most of the super fresh compost.



The Romanesco Broccoli are flowering in the garden and much to our delight we ended up having a bit of an impromptu veg swap last Sunday. If you’ve got too much of one thing in your patch, we bet someone else would love to exchange it for their harvest.

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