Seedlings and Compost This Sunday


We’ll be planting seedlings and composting, as well as General maintenance such as weeding and watering.

Would you believe that we have 4 composting systems set up?! I know. Comprehensive. So now we need materials to go into them.

We need everyone to bring as many inputs as possible so we’re after:

For Worms:

– Fruit and vegetable scraps (not too many garlic, onion, or citrus)

– Paper and cardboard

– Coffee grounds and tea bags

– No meat, dairy, pastry, bread or past

For the Compost Roller:

– Kitchen scraps that don’t fit into the above categories ie. lots of onion, garlic or citrus; pasta, bread and pastry (shredded)

– Will also take paper, cardboard and grass clippings

– Still no meat or dairy

For the Compost Bays:

– Non-food materials such as grass clippings, dried leaves, paper, cardboard, coffee grounds.

See you then.

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