Values Statement and Working Bee

Tomorrow we’ll be opening the gates to the garden at 10am for a quick whizz around to tidy and plan a little, then from 11am-12pm we’ll be heading into the club rooms for a cup of tea and a chat about the kind of place we are creating at Fawkner Food Bowls. We’d love you to join us for both or either.

Also, feel free to bring your kitchen scraps for either the worm farm or the compost. If you’d like to feed the worms, they’ll be happy with:

– fruit and vegetables

– paper, cardboard and paper towels,

– coffee grounds and tea bags

They’re not interested in:

– meat

– dairy

– lots of citrus, garlic or onions

– rice, bread or pasta

– processed foods or plastic

BUT, don’t worry too much of you have any of the foods above in your bucket. Bring it down and we can use it in another composting system.

See you in the garden!

FFB Team

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