So Many Thank Yous

On Sunday we celebrated at Fawkner Food Bowls. We celebrated all of the things we’ve achieved and we shared some of our plans and hopes for the space in the future, none of which would be possible without the hard work of a whole heap of people who we’d like to acknowledge and thank.

Starting with the wonderful people at Fawkner Bowling Club. In particular, Vicki, Laurie, Ern, and Lindsay who have not just allowed us to use the space, but have helped and actively encouraged us.

Huge thanks to Moreland City Councillor Natalie Abboud for bringing us together and supporting us to get the project going.

The team from CoDesign Studio for accepting us into The Neighbourhood Project and guiding us through the things that needed to be done in the background to enable the visible stuff to happen. Helen, Emily, and Katie have been brilliant.

The team of Moreland City Council Officers who’ve helped us find and get through the the necessary steps to make sure we’re doing things right. Lee, Jess, Joe, Will and Nalika; thank you.

Thank you to the musicians who performed at our launch and created such a beautiful atmosphere. Vardos, and Pear and the Awkward Orchestra we’re both brilliant.

To our fantastic Fawkner people! Our Committee and volunteers deserve a monstrous thank you!

Thank you to Zoë for social media, our website, and catering; Katherine M. for our gorgeous graphic design; Elspeth and Joey who came and offered their garden expertise and then also jumped in and helped out with a bunch of other stuff; Tania for promotion and media; Hilary for a whole bunch of background organising; Darren for financial info. and being an all round helper with everything; Kathryn G. who almost singlehandedly organised and ran multiple kids activities; Sam for promotions; and Vicki (again!) for helping us not just as a Bowls Club person but as an FFB person at our Committee meetings and events.

Thanks too to our garden volunteers who’ve helped wheelbarrow, dig, build, paint, weed, plant and all sorts of other things. Whether they’ve come once or to every session, they have literally created the garden with their own hands. Special thanks to all of the kids who’ve come and enjoyed and contributed and shaped the garden.

We save an extra special thank you for our partners Jen and Bernie for not just sharing the home load but also putting in huge efforts in the garden and the kitchen to make sure the launch was successful.

FFB is not the work of any one person (as demonstrated above!) and although I am often a reference point for the group, Sally Beattie has driven this project from the very start and so deserves the biggest thank you of all because none of it would be happening if it weren’t for her massive efforts. Thanks Sal.

Looking forward to seeing you all in the garden.

Kelly Gillespie


Fawkner Food Bowls

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