Construction Day 1

Today we added more shape to the garden. Specifically, a circle. We also added some triangles, a rectangle, and an absence of shape!

We marked the outline for the communal space (the circle) and later the long coir logs along the edge with spaces for paths. On the outside of this circle we started constructing some more garden beds (the triangles). These will be filled with edibles and flowers which we are very happy to confirm, will not be bothered by chemical residues (“your tests are all clear, Ma’am”).

We also made a home for the stray pile of sand that had been shifted around a few times now. It has a new box (the rectangle) in the children’s area.

Another thing made me personally very happy today, was that the compost pile inside the gate has been cleared (the absence of a shape!), which means that we can start getting some deliveries of mulch to spread around the parts and open areas. I really h ink this will make a big difference in helping the space look finished.

Huge thank you to Nick and Sam, Darren and Tania, Mark, Bernie, Brandon, Zack and Louis (and a polite solute between Sally and Kelly) for all of their input, work, and sharing of skills today.

And we’ll do it aaaaaall again next Sunday from 10am. Hope to see you there.

FFB Team

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